Wednesday, August 18, 2010


These celebrities are the BIGGEST money makers in the game as of right now. Check these celebs out and how much their bringing in a YEAR!

As we have the infamous Dr.Dre here bringing in $17 Million a year.

Second on the list is everyone's favorite rapper. . LIL WAYNE! only bringing in a good $21 Million a year.

Third on this celeb list is the ladies man AKON and for finding and investing into Lady GaGa he is only bringing in $21 Million a year.

Fourth on this one is Mr. 30 Million mothafxing records. . How about $30 Million a year, yeah thats alot for a bad boy from the NYC huh ?

Damn sorry I hyped you guys up with P.Diddy with having $30 Mil for the year, but finally at the end of the list there is the legend HOV aka JAY-Z bringing in. . .YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE ME IF I TOLD YOU! A WHOPPING $60 MILLION A YEAR. Damn now we see the true reason why he always gets the trillion watt light bulb while he's in the night club. 

And there goes the biggest shits in the rap game right now. Stay tuned the news never ends on 

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